LambdaG is a technology company specialising in the design and manufacturing of advanced RF & microwave components. Our primary focus is the research and development of innovative antenna systems in the space, defence and aerospace domains.

Our origins

LambdaG was established in 2018 as a solution to the modern small satellite requirement for lightweight, compact and sometimes integrated antennas. This has led to its first co-funded contract to mature innovative microwave sub-assemblies and components utilising additive manufacturing. This technology is still in its infancy within the small satellite market and together with its strategic industry partner, NewSpace Systems, LambdaG seeks to offer the small satellite market lightweight microwave communication solutions with uncompromising electrical performance.

Our know-how is based on expertise in the development of a space-qualified GPS antenna, several defence related communication antennas and further research into phased arrays, pattern reconfigurable and integrated antennas. Our clients are busy innovating within their niche markets, this being small satellites, unmanned aerial systems and defence related. LambdaG is currently developing several requirement-driven RF & microwave products from L- to Ka-band as innovative solutions to the growing satellite communication needs.


Our offering

We offer standard or custom RF & microwave solutions up to 40 GHz. These products utilise technologies in microstrip, stripline and 3D printed waveguide. We specialise in antenna design, passive components and sub-assemblies which can be customised to your specific frequency, power and configuration requirements.


The LambdaG team has extensive experience in the following antenna designs:

  • Horn antennas

  • Array antennas

  • Integrated and conformal antennas

  • Omnidirectional antennas

  • GNSS antennas

  • Custom antenna designs

Waveguide components

Utilising additive manufacturing we develop passive microwave waveguide components up to Ka-Band:

  • Power dividers/combiners

  • Diplexers & filters

  • Orthomode transducers

  • Waveguide to coaxial adapters

  • Custom waveguide designs


LambdaG can be apart of your sub-assembly design to meet your exact system requirements.


Contact us

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